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Discover Code2Grow, an education website designed for convenience, offering easily digestible lessons to empower users with a clear understanding of robotics concepts and applications.

Visual aided coding for robotics

Create robotics programs with intuitive graphical building blocks!

Python programming

Support both automatically generated Python programs or manual coding.

Download your program to your own robot!

Download your program to the windtree robot.

Control your robot with your program.

Download your program to the windtree robot.

Robotics Demonstration

Enjoyed by our students.

Our robotics programming is so simple that all students love it.

    • We want to thank you all for making our days of fun. It was fun making the robots, and my favorite part was when our robots were dancing. The hardest part was the Geo Course because it was very hard to program the robots. I really enjoyed making the robot so thank you for all that you did for us.

    • I liked when we got to program the robot at the competition. I also liked when my team got an award at the end of the competition.

    • Thank you for teaching us robotics. It was fun, and I hope you can come again. I had fun programming and building the robot. It was the hardest part but the most fun part.

    • Thank you for coming to my school to teach and let us build robots. The part I loved the most was when our robots danced all because of us. My parents loved when they got to build half of the robot too.

    • Thank you for teaching me how to program a robot and making it dance. Those five weeks were fun. It was easy learning to make the robot go left and right and arc-left and arc-right. I appreciate you all for teaching us.

    • I just want to say that it was really fun building robot cars. You made us very happy because it was fun typing in the codes and making the robot dance.


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